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17th November 2008

7:01am: Weekend time
I had a lot of stuff t'do this week outside of SL, so I wasn't in SL near as much as usual. Still, I ended up at some cool stuff, I tink. I prob'ly did more dancin' than usual f'r me, that's f'r sure!

On Friday, I first ended up at the opening of the new sim for Erin Telamasca's HoofIt! horses, called Nectaris. It was fun, an the sim has riding trails an all sorts of fun stuff. I especially liked finding out that she was inspired by Livingtree. :-)

A bit after leaving there, I ended up in another party, where I tink I was jes about the youngest avvie there -- an I mean by rez date. I copied down part of the guest list: Lumiere Noir, Mash Mandala, Baccara Rhodes, Prisqua Newall, Madame Maracas, SuezanneC Baskerville, Chance Abattoir, Strife Onizuka, Caroline Apollo, Montana Laurasia, Jurin Juran, Cutter Rubio, Teagan Linden, nik385 Doesburg, Me, RacerX Gullwing, Munchfower Zaius, Madagascar Few, Jopsy Pendragon, Misty Rhodes, Kris Ritter, Cristiano Midnight, Gus Plisskin, Lukas Thetan, Caliandris Pendragon, Cutter Rubio, Madagascar Few, Zayante Hegal. Caroline Apollo, and Chilly Cummings. The occassion was Pituca and Garth FairChang's 5th SL wedding anniversary! Serious old school peoples!


I also got to check out, on Saturday night, AM Radio's new build for the University of Kentucky. Another cool atmospheric place, like he does. Really cool. I need to do more piccies there, cuz I was kinda tired an did't really get many. Check it out in the University of KY sim.

Other than that, my friend Krystal did some fireworks, I did some building, there was a Bay City Alliance meeting (that I lost power right in the middle of!), and I did other shoppin' an blimpin' an explorin' too.

An f'r no good reason, here's a couple other random piccies from th' weekend. :-)

Near miss in Bay City:

Near Miss

All snowed in in Wengen:

Wengen Infohub, Chalet Linden

An a nice shot of Livingtree, though a window:

Through A Window

An that's it!
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30th October 2008

6:45am: Mainland Tri-Cities Halloween/Day of the Dead Parade, 11/01
Nova Albion, Bay City, and Shermerville will be having parades on the 1st for Halloween/Day of the Dead, and all are invited! Come in costume, bring pranks, an all that!

We'll parade to the the middle of the Shermerville Bridge, play tricks on each other, then jump off into the straits! It'll be great fun!

Costumes essential.
Tricks a plus.
Everyone welcome.

The Nova Albion one will start in Grignano at 1:00 p.m. SLT on 11/01, and is run by Osprey Therian. It will be staged from Grignano, head around Nova Albion, then up route 50 to the Shermerville Bridge


The Bay City one will start in Bay City - Docklands at the Airship Mooring at 12:30 p.m. SLT, and is run by Marianne McCann. It will head up Route 66 over North Channel and into Nova Albion. We will then head north onto Route 50, meeting up with the Nova Albions on our way to the bridge, timing permitting.


Residents of Shermerville, Blumfield, West Haven, or anyone interested will meet at the Suburban Sandbox in Shermerville Central at 1p.m. SLT on 11/01, parade around the park before meeting groups from Bay City & Nova Albion at the middle of the Shermerville Straits Bridge, Contact Molly Montale for additional details.


Hope to see a buncha ya there! Parade with us, or jes cheer us on from the sidelines!
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27th October 2008

10:48am: My weekend
So this weekend ended up bein' the more quieter weekend f'r me, sorta. A lot of my weekend was involved with workin’ on stuff an not as much ‘sploring.

I have a couple piccies of mine, from Burning Life, in an exhibit in Grignano, an I finally got a chance to take a look.


I was kinda proud when both my brother an sister picked out favorites in the show – an both picked shots of mine, without knowing they were mine in th’ first place After lookin’ around at it all, we went an relaxed at Café Jack


See? A lost quieter weekend than most!

I did get a chance to sneak off to the Chakryn Forest, which has a display of Gore Suntzu’s prim tortures. Some very cool ones there, too. Photos do not do ‘em justice – ya gotta go an see this.


I also got a moment to see the new dragons available in the Aggro sim. These are incredible. So, so big an with tons of features to em! If yer into dragons, you gotta check ‘em out. These are awesome in flight, too!


Oh, an finally, this is one of the things I was workin’ on this weekend: this build, for Wiley. Really, the heavy lifting was by Kim Anubis, but all th’ Magicians lent a hand. Ya, it’s a corporate build, but I tink it’s one of the more interesting looking ones. Kinda cool that it’s on mainland too – an one sim away from what was my old home location in Sami.


An that’s th’ weekend! More’ll be coming up next one, with the parade an all. :-)
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25th October 2008

11:02am: A piccie I've been working on...
...is finally done!

Little Girl in the Big City

The larger size version (which you need to really make everyone out in) is at
As you can tell, I did some tweaking here and there, adding and adjusting, then tweaking the color and stuff. I tried to fit most everyone in there somewhere, but I know I missed one or two. I also wish I coulda show a lot more cars (the gallery wanted a lot of me in it, an I wanted a street scene).

Those in the photo include (L-R): Pygar Bu, 3Ring Binder, Argos Hawks, Weston Graves (the beagle), Carrie Talaj, Milla Janick. Lexxi Gynoid, Oryx Temple, Elora Lunasea, Nimue Jewell, Cee Edman, Maureen Boccaccio, Litta Nightfire, Blue Linden, and Vampaerus Wysznik (an then me). Cars were provided by Lexxi Gynoid and Ahkenatan Grommet

Also, jes cuz, here's my second entry into th' same contest:

Over Bay City
Larger size: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marianne-mccann/2971313999/
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20th October 2008

11:08am: My weekend
I had assumed this would be a kinda quiet weekend, but that turned out to be sorta wrong.

On Saturday, I made it to “The Show Must Go On,” directed by Osprey Therian. It’s a vaudeville/pantomime show that she puts together every so often. Super great fun, an very sily. I especially like the cellophane dancers and the driving in SL skit. A lot of it is a bit more “adult” than I should prob’ly be at, but I tink I can safely assume that Cooking With Margo would be lost on a six-year-old anyway!

Went fishing for a bit after that, where we had prob’ly the biggest fishing crowd ever on Livingtree. The new fishing contests we’ve been doin’ seem to be popular.

I finished up the night doin’ some decorating at my store, as well as puttin a few folks together for a piccie to help promote the upcomin’ Bay City Hallowe’en & Day of the Dead parade. Was fun posin this, an did’t take nearly as long as I s’pect it might.


So then Sunday. Again, I figgured “oh, this’ll be a quiet day.” Cept I had an offline tellin’ me about a new Magellan Linden site. I hadda go s’plore! Turns out it wasn’t jes a new site, but a whole new land mass to eyeball! That was fun! I went around for a while on foot, exploring Magellan’s Borer and some of the other places nearby, and even traveled to the Citadel in the middle of the continent.


I found a really neat temple with snake goddesses an a big huuuuge crystal in the middle. Even found a secret trap door in there. An found a cool ship yard an stuff. I really especially like all the underwater parts! I took a lot of piccies, including a coupel I put on the Magellan thread.

Well, I found out my piccies were bein’ watched, an while blimpin’ around in Nautilis, Michael Linden hunted me down. As luck would have it, he made it to my blimp jes when I had an expired handoff an got dumped off – but I was able to relog. He force TPed me to the blimp, an he, Brann Georgia, an I had a nice little flight.


After this, I rushed off to a Bay City Alliance meeting, to work on promotin’ the area an stuff. This is where th’ parade came in an stuff.

It wasn’t too long after this, though, that a limo showed up to take me to filming. I’m gonna be in the next DIVAs episode! Look f’r me tricker treatin’ in it. In fact, here’s a “backstage” shot. :-)


I also hadda pose with the other Magicians for a screen shot for an upcomin’ SL book, but that was later an th’ forums only lets me post so many piccies.

Oh, an did I mention the cool kites? Marion Questi an Martini Discovolante made some super nice ones, an my brother found ‘em, so now we all gots cool kites!


An that’s it!
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8th October 2008

11:15am: Maaan, what a week!
My First Life me had a vacation, which gave me some time to do stuff I've wanted to do in both lives. It also happened t'be Burning Life week, which gave mt the time to do a few events at Inner Child Camp an elsewhere.

I was actually unsure if I wanted to even do Burning Life after all th' troubles at th' SL5B. I jes knew I'd be openin' up a whole nuther can of worms. Then Dusty Linden put out a "Maturity Policy" that made it pretty clear that kid avvies could participate, an Loki Eliot prodded me a bit about gettin' a plot. I was lucky enough to win one in th' lottery an away I went. Inner Child Camp was born. Me an my brother an sister stayed there all week.

Inner Child Camp

We did a couple events with DJs there, an one concert with blurtophones borrowed from Madcow Cosmos' build. We also did stuff at Loki's build, including kite flying, a pogo stick race (my brother won, yay!) an other stuff. Oh, an we did't jes stick to our camps: we also took part in the nightly lamp lighting and fire dancing, which was awesome, an watched the man an the temple burn. When the man burnt, I even gotta see Philip Linden inworld for the first time – an overall for the second time inna week. I'm gettin' ahead of m'self, though.

The event was kid friendly, even with mature stuff around. This again was thanks to policies which worked, unlike some of the troubles at SL5B. Big kudos to th' Burning Life core an their rangers f'r bein good eggs all around.

beatin' feetAt the end of the week, after the man went down, well, Bert the dragon torched Loki's barn, some of my fireworks accidently destroyed Inner Child Camp, an we all beat a retreat f'r home. It was a super super event, an I totally hope to participate next year.

I was really impressed with the wholr everyone did. So many of the builds were amazing. I especially liked the ones by Madcow Cosmos, AM Radio, an Dizzy Banjo, but there were many more too. There was also a lot I jes did't get a chance to see.

More than the other camps, meeting people, renewing friendships, and jes sharing in the community at Burning Life was amazing. Well worth my time an worth fighting the lag. I have tons an tons of piccies from the event at http://www.sluniverse.com/pics/ProfilePage.aspx?Name=Marianne+McCann

There was one other big SL kinda thing I did this week. a friend of mines gave me a tour of their workplace: 945 Battery Steet in San Francisco. Linden Lab! The place is really super neat an it was a lotta fun to meet some of the Lindens in first life. I even gotta shake Philip's hand an stuff! I also left my name on th' white board they have for residents to sign. Here's a piccie my player took of me in front of the building.

Linden Lab

An that was my week. It was tons of fun!
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14th August 2008

6:57am: Child of the corn
I went someplace last night I thought I'd never, ever see...

It's a real good thing you did. A real good thingCollapse )

After about 2 1/2 hours there, we all said our good byes an headed out. It was quite the little bit off offbeat SL history, t'be sure!
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8th July 2008

10:49am: Mitch's announcement
Steppin' outta character f'r a moment.

So Mitch Kapor did his big announcement, and it wasn’t that big. A US$10,000 prize, paid in Lindens and amounting to very little real cash for Linden Lab to have to really worry about. To me, the real story was between the lines.

He talked a lot about the pioneers of Second Life, and how their era is drawing to a close. He treated charm and character as yesteryear concepts, as indicated in Dusan Writer’s blog. His view of this Metaverse is one of real people doing real people things. Avatars that can look, act, and sound just like your real world counterpart, so you can virtually take part in office meetings and such.

Maybe he’s been hanging around the IBM inworld campus a bit much, but the Metaverse is more than pixilated videoconferencing.

Second Life’s longstanding slogan has been “Your World, Your Imagination,” and the platform has existed as a place where residents could make their wildest dreams take flight. It’s a world dominated by svelte, attractive human, furries, fantasy characters, and all sorts of others. Some of the most popular places in this world are a giagantic sized home populated by “Greenie” aliens, the mystical biosphere of Svarga, and any number of other fantastic places.

It is not dominated by “Initech” style offices and such, no more than it was real-world style American Apparel stores.

Mitch, however, feels that it should be. He views this transition to business platform as necessary, and that all the “pioneers” are simply going to have to live with these changes – adapt, or die as it were. As an example, he talks about how text-based communication was a boon in Second Life – but he hated it. Clearly, we know now why voice was pushed so hard on a very resistant world.

I feel like Mitch, and maybe others at the top of Linden Lab, are dealing with a surplus of hubris. They seem to be developing a not exactly healthy attitude that they know better than their own user base. No, that their user base does not matter: the means to an end, as it were.

When Philip Linden handed the keys to “M,” one of the challenges discussed was the wild ways of the userbase. It was viewed as a challenge, rather than as the very lifeblood of the world we exist within.

This is foolish thinking, and was the downfall of a great many internet based systems.

What Second Life should really consider is taking their “3D Web” goal to heart. Look at what the web is. It is the home of a great many businesses and universities – the very market Mitch wants – but it is also the home of “Tron Guy” and “Peter Pan.” It is a place where people hunt up videos of “dramatic squirrels.” It’s weird and freaky – and retains a bit of a wild west edge even this far into “Web 2.0.”

Linden Lab needs to look at Second Life as that sort of animal. Go ahead and court the businesses and schools – I’ve been doing work inworld with them too – but also know that you’re bigger than that. The “Burning Man” spirit remains very much at the heart of this world, and holds just as much value. The community is still the central focus, and the thing that can make or break the very world.

I fear that they won’t hear such, though – in which case I hope Mitch notices that he used a bell curve in his presentation, and each up will have a down. The top, however, might be closer than he thinks.
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2nd June 2008

1:10pm: SL5B
I want to write something about the SL Fifth Birthday. I feel like I should. I've said pages and pages on the SL Forums about, I did a big post on the SLC blog, and I've spent the weekend going over it no matter where I went.

But try as I might to collect my own feelings on it, I end up conflicted.

I understand Linden Lab being in a difficult position here. They want to keep their business, and view things like Representative Mark Kirk's recent attack on Second Life as very damaging to their business and livelihood. Doing their best to "sanitize" this showcase event may seem like the best way to ensure their continued well-being, I dunno.

What I do feel is that this was all handled wrong. I'm not sure what "right" would have looked like. Maybe asking us kids, rather than making such a hard-edged, immediate decision. Maybe having things be clearer the day we were given the information, I dunno.

but the thing I keep coming back to is this.

I am a resident of Second Life. I've been in Second Life for two years, three months, and change. I've been a premium member for about a year and a half of that time, paying above the usual tier for a chunk of mainland. I have a lot of ties to the grid, as a business owner, a content creator, a role player, a photographer, a writer, and just generally as an "avatar about town."

I've a fan of the world. I like the very notion of that place (those places?) and have generally been willing to see it grow and improve. I've been a part of the last two Second Life birthdays, was involved with the SL Day of Remembrance, and have donated content to other Linden builds.

But now, I'm not welcome.

Oh sure, I can attend their party, but unlike nearly any other content creator on the grid, I am unwelcome as an active participant at their event. My application was denied before it could even be reviewed, the victim of my choice of avatar and my desire to help create some positive press for those who opt to play child avatars in Second Life.

This does not make me feel like donning the Philip Linden made party hat and blow a noisemaker. Indeed, at a party where us resident have traditionally celebrated the good fortune of Second Life, I know that my own successes within the grid are not to be celebrated or even acknowledged by Linden Lab.

The SL birthday has been a resident event, run by residents with the only major Linden hand being in the offering of tier-free land. It was supposed to be our party, not theirs to put on. Our showcase, not theirs.

Which makes one pause and ponder: if our party can be so quickly taken over, then what of "our world, our imagination." It rings kinda hollow right now.

I'm not going to make grand comparisons of my choice in avatars and the human rights abuses of the real world -- but I will tell you this. No matter the size of the transgression, one can easily spot when something isn't fair. I'm a member like anyone else here, but I've been told, essentially, "your not convenient to us, so we're going to hide you."

The correct response would have been to champion your members. We're all a little freaky and odd. I play a kid. Some people grow fangs, or have pointed ears. Many wear pelts or scales. Some are engaged in activities I've never even considered. Don't condone those activities which truly are illegal in the real world, but stand behind the people who keep the lights on at 945 Battery Street. It is the right thing to do. heck, it's part of the Community Standards.

Happy Birthday, Second Life. I hope someone around here grows up a bit.
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28th May 2008

6:32am: Someting a friend of mines did
Just a goofy bit of video, but still fun. It was a silly night :-)

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9th May 2008

10:39am: Bay City!
Yesterday night I visited Bay City, the new area created by the Linden Department of Public Works Moles.

Anyway, I took a lot of piccies, an I felt like sharing them. So here they are! Click any of them to see way bigger versions.

More behind the cut!Collapse )
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22nd April 2008

11:48am: Linden stuff
A few weeks ago, around when the Luna Oaks and Big Ben's lottery was announced, I went over to look at these places. I went to Luna Oaks because I did put my name into the running, and I wanted to see if anyone actually used that space at all. While there, I noticed the charming little Luna to Dore trolley, and took a ride. Sadly, the trolley derailed shortly before making it to Dore.

Dore Trolley

I then headed up the tracks on my own, ending up in the big Ahern infohub. This was where I originally showed up inworld, though I quickly changed to the now-missing Sami infohub. As usual, it was hopping with new folks, getting their first experiences with Second Life's wonderful "lag" feature.

Welcome Area

Curious, I poked around some of the areas surrounding the infohub, just to see what was there. I tend to be a bit of a fan of what some would call "legacy" builds. That is, places that were created by or under the sponsorship of Linden Lab as public spaces.

What I discovered was that many of these places, much like the Luna to Dore trolley, have not exactly been kept up. I discovered a saloon in Wild West Town (in the Oak Grove sim) that was almost entirely gone, probably the victim of some glitch along the way.


I also discovered that the archery range just off the way from the infohub was now set to noscript/nobuild, making it nothing more than decoration.

So I did some more poking around, to see just how well some of these other places are. I went to ones I knew, and I asked others about any they might know. I found out that the vehicle sims were about as bad off as that saloon, and that the Second Life Railroad hadn't seen a train in months (it got worse post Havok 4, too). Amongst many other troubles.

So I've since put the things I've found into the JIRA, as well as putting in support tickets on each. Please take a look at these, if you wish:


I know, if I came into this world, and saw so much of the areas around my first log-ins made all-but-unusable, victims of neglect, I would wonder why I should be a part of this world. These places, they give us a sense of permance and place in a world that is constantly changing.

Road to nowhere

I am, of course, being realistic. We need the system to work, for logins to not fail, for assets to at least attempt to be stable. Those are much higher priorities. But we also have a "Linden Department of Public Works" building the new "Bay City," altering (then reverting) the Rausch combat sandbox, and putting into the long-missing void sims within the Korean continent. Why not see some of that stuff fixed?
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31st March 2008

9:56pm: Time for a change
Well, after a year or so of having to continually fight to be accepted as a child avatar, especially since the most recent Sky News piece, I've finally decided it's time for something new. Introducing the new Marianne McCann.

I guess this needs a question. Um. Hot or not?

Ya, so I started a bit early on the April foolin'! It's 4/1 in most of th' world already!


13th March 2008

8:59am: On the latest from Sky News...


I wrote a loooong piece about the current Sky News controversy with child avvies an sexual ageplay an all dat. I have it on the Livingtree blog, for those who wanna read it.
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12th February 2008

9:50am: Sailing in SL
Yesterday, partially for fun, I took my sail boat -- a Flying Tako named "Greenie" -- out for a cruise. I say partially, 'cuz I also was doing it as a personal challenge.

Avast ye! Thar be words an piccies ahead!Collapse )

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2nd January 2008

7:27am: NYE Fireworks Show
My big fireworks show in Winterland went great, with the only issue being a couple of wannabe griefers trying to set off some of my works prior to the show. They only shot off a couple minor things that were easily replaced after they got bounced. Other than that, it was all perfect!

My friend Ziggy Quirk made a video of the show. It's all stills to music, but still fun to look at. even if I am ruthed in a couple of the piccies. :-)

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31st December 2007

7:29am: Happy New Years!
PracticeLook for me in Winterland tonight, ringing in the new year!

Even though folks say kids my age should be in bed by then, I'll be doin' a big, big fireworks show tonight at midnight SLT (dat's around 7:00 p.m. in Sydney, 8:00 a.m. in London, and a late, late 3:00 a.m. in New York).

I'll be using many new faves as well as some brand new (for me!) works to make for what I hope will be my best show ever!

Winterland is in Del Agua, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Del%20Agua/123/66/28
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29th December 2007

11:52pm: One year
Following Jenn Dolari's lead, here's my year in piccies...

Twelve piccies ahead!Collapse )
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27th December 2007

8:47am: I'm speakin an stuff tonight...
Big TimeHappening at the Cannery Rezzable sim tonight at 5:00 p.m. SLT. Here's their blurb:

"Come to the Cannery Gallery and meet one of the featured artists for the show! Marianne McCann is an extraordinary person who explores what is joyful about SL. She will talk about her work and about her creative process."

More information on the Cannery is at http://slart.rezzable.com/ -- an please come on out!
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11th December 2007

1:00pm: To try an reduce my own spaminess a bit here, I’ve gone ahead an created a group blog for Livingtree stuff, at http://livingtreeupdate.blogspot.com/ - I’d love any feedback on it!
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4th December 2007

1:57pm: As if I dun have enough goin' on
Dis is a press release dat's gone out today

"A Different Light - a different view on Second Life"

Presented by Rezzable, Inc at Cannery Rezzable

Curators: Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken

Opens Wednesday, December 5th 4pm
Featured artists:
* Mylena Aquitaine
* Kimberly Mirabeau
* Marianne McCann
* Isolde Flamand
* Andromega Volaire

Additional artists:
Codebastard Redgrave
GM Nikolaidis
Jazss Saiman
Kim Dench
Loki Popinjay
Luna Zolnir
Raul Crimson
Ryker Beck
Shoshana Epsilon
Stephen Venkman
Vint Falken

Dancing starts at noon and goes until midnight. Official opening at 4pm SL time. Come meet the artists! Buy some art!
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2nd December 2007

5:05pm: What a week
In the real world, dis has been a really challenging week, with a pet passing away, a lot of hard days at the borin' place I gotta go to to make money, an other stuff.

In-world, though, it's been a purty exciting week.

Last Sunday, I gotta be on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, an talk about kid stuff. I was super nervous, but I tink it still came out okay.

Then on Monday, New World Notes made it official an named me the winner in the Uncanny Valley Expo 2007 contest. Hamlet Au decided to take it a step further, doing a full interview with me over a couple of days, then releasing it as a really big NWN entry.

I did not expect dat, but really, dat's why I entered the contest - to gain some positive visibility for kid avvies. There were a ton of good comments, an even more positive IMs my way, too. Even one other blog dida great little write up an mentioned the entry. It's nice to see someting positive about kids in SL for once.

Then today was Kid Scouts, an I was promoted from Brownie to Junior Girl scout. Got a new uniform an everyting. My mommy an my daddy was proud, an I was super happy. After, I had an amazing experience visiting Winterland a day before it opens, then a new build by Lumiere Noir (of Ivory Tower of Primitives fame) dat blew me away cuz it was so pretty.

It weeks like dis dat make me glad to be in Second Life. With all in my real life, it gave me a heck of a boost.
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28th November 2007

2:28pm: Now I've done it...
New World Notes has put out their interview with me.


I hope it ain't too wordy or nuttin!
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27th November 2007

3:09pm: I won! I won!
New World Notes has finally announced the winner of Uncanny Valley Expo 2007


I can't hardly believe it, but there it is! Waaa hoo!
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