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What a week

In the real world, dis has been a really challenging week, with a pet passing away, a lot of hard days at the borin' place I gotta go to to make money, an other stuff.

In-world, though, it's been a purty exciting week.

Last Sunday, I gotta be on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, an talk about kid stuff. I was super nervous, but I tink it still came out okay.

Then on Monday, New World Notes made it official an named me the winner in the Uncanny Valley Expo 2007 contest. Hamlet Au decided to take it a step further, doing a full interview with me over a couple of days, then releasing it as a really big NWN entry.

I did not expect dat, but really, dat's why I entered the contest - to gain some positive visibility for kid avvies. There were a ton of good comments, an even more positive IMs my way, too. Even one other blog dida great little write up an mentioned the entry. It's nice to see someting positive about kids in SL for once.

Then today was Kid Scouts, an I was promoted from Brownie to Junior Girl scout. Got a new uniform an everyting. My mommy an my daddy was proud, an I was super happy. After, I had an amazing experience visiting Winterland a day before it opens, then a new build by Lumiere Noir (of Ivory Tower of Primitives fame) dat blew me away cuz it was so pretty.

It weeks like dis dat make me glad to be in Second Life. With all in my real life, it gave me a heck of a boost.
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