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As if I dun have enough goin' on

Dis is a press release dat's gone out today

"A Different Light - a different view on Second Life"

Presented by Rezzable, Inc at Cannery Rezzable

Curators: Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken

Opens Wednesday, December 5th 4pm
Featured artists:
* Mylena Aquitaine
* Kimberly Mirabeau
* Marianne McCann
* Isolde Flamand
* Andromega Volaire

Additional artists:
Codebastard Redgrave
GM Nikolaidis
Jazss Saiman
Kim Dench
Loki Popinjay
Luna Zolnir
Raul Crimson
Ryker Beck
Shoshana Epsilon
Stephen Venkman
Vint Falken

Dancing starts at noon and goes until midnight. Official opening at 4pm SL time. Come meet the artists! Buy some art!
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