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Sailing in SL

Yesterday, partially for fun, I took my sail boat -- a Flying Tako named "Greenie" -- out for a cruise. I say partially, 'cuz I also was doing it as a personal challenge.

I pushed off from Ambleside, not far from Ethan Linden's L'il office, and headed west past Pathfinder Linden's big office.

It was not long before I headed into my first border crossing. I slowly edged into Waterhead, home of one of the busier -- and wilder -- infohubs. I avoided the natives, assuming them to be unfriendly to my small boat, and headed northward under the bridge.

sailingThe crossing into Hawkshead was pleasant, although it did take a little finesse to get the boat's spar and sail through the narrow break. Soon I was in my third sim of the journey.

Hawkshead also has a bridge at it's northern end. It's beautiful Asian one that makes it look like no further travel is possible. It is, though, as all the bridge supports are phantom. I hugged the port-side coast after that, heading for Grasmere.

sailingThe Grasmere crossing with a bit difficult, with my boat taking on a small amount of water as it punched in. Soon I was back underway, passing Blue Linden's enormous chair and Jessie Lindens hand-drawn office.

Going by Torley's "Watermelindenland," I encountered trouble. She has prims in the water or glowy stars rotating, playing beautifully in the river. They are either not phantom, or otherwise react badly to my boat. I had to go into edit and grab a handle to get myself over them.

sailingA hairless newbie with pink skin and a yellow outfit was near here to. We exchanged a few nice words, an he let me know his five-year-old was with him at the computer, and also said hi. I meet more kids dat way.

Soon, I weas in Borrowdale, and again negotiating a difficult bridge. Much like the one bordering Hawkshead, you have to angle your boat just so. I knew too, that the seas ahead would be a challenge, as the waterway is split by border crossings.

Passing by Waterhead again, I picked up a border. A fellow in what best can be described as a human version of the nutcracker prince asked if he might right along. I welcomed him and he took a seat.

His time with me was short however: the border crossing into Kirkby was a rough one. The additional passenger, the close sim borders, the crowd in Waterhead, a stong wind in my spinnaker, or a combination of all the above cause me to end up at -21 Waterhead before it was finally recognized I was in Kirkby. I assume the prince crashed here, as he was soon no where to be found. I did not wait for long, given the the breeze in my sails carried me soon into Sawson, then Dalton as I made a tricky move (again using grab handles) over some invisible regular and megaprims on the southern edge of Ambleside.

I noticed there's a couple more boats in Dalton. I hope they do more than sit and look pretty. Meanwhile, I forged on, heading into Caldbeck for a brief moment before turning to port -- ahead lay my final destination -- right back to where I began my journey.

sailingNow then...

On this trip, I went though ten border crossings, in a boat, without crashing. There was lag as some of these crossings, and a rough patch around Waterhead and Kirkby.

This was done in the Windlight first look browser, using default "High" and "Ultra" settings on a 20" iMac with 1GB of RAM running OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

The regions themselves are presumably Class 4, old mainland. None are Havok4.

I note all that jes cuz we so often talk about only the bad stuff. Hair in uncomfortable places (mine stayed on my head this whole trip) and all dat. The idea of border crossing in a vehicle sends most of us long-time residents into a cold sweat. Yet here on an otherwise typical SL day, I took a boat through some of the busier bits of old mainland and sailed back to tell about it!

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