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A few weeks ago, around when the Luna Oaks and Big Ben's lottery was announced, I went over to look at these places. I went to Luna Oaks because I did put my name into the running, and I wanted to see if anyone actually used that space at all. While there, I noticed the charming little Luna to Dore trolley, and took a ride. Sadly, the trolley derailed shortly before making it to Dore.

Dore Trolley

I then headed up the tracks on my own, ending up in the big Ahern infohub. This was where I originally showed up inworld, though I quickly changed to the now-missing Sami infohub. As usual, it was hopping with new folks, getting their first experiences with Second Life's wonderful "lag" feature.

Welcome Area

Curious, I poked around some of the areas surrounding the infohub, just to see what was there. I tend to be a bit of a fan of what some would call "legacy" builds. That is, places that were created by or under the sponsorship of Linden Lab as public spaces.

What I discovered was that many of these places, much like the Luna to Dore trolley, have not exactly been kept up. I discovered a saloon in Wild West Town (in the Oak Grove sim) that was almost entirely gone, probably the victim of some glitch along the way.


I also discovered that the archery range just off the way from the infohub was now set to noscript/nobuild, making it nothing more than decoration.

So I did some more poking around, to see just how well some of these other places are. I went to ones I knew, and I asked others about any they might know. I found out that the vehicle sims were about as bad off as that saloon, and that the Second Life Railroad hadn't seen a train in months (it got worse post Havok 4, too). Amongst many other troubles.

So I've since put the things I've found into the JIRA, as well as putting in support tickets on each. Please take a look at these, if you wish:


I know, if I came into this world, and saw so much of the areas around my first log-ins made all-but-unusable, victims of neglect, I would wonder why I should be a part of this world. These places, they give us a sense of permance and place in a world that is constantly changing.

Road to nowhere

I am, of course, being realistic. We need the system to work, for logins to not fail, for assets to at least attempt to be stable. Those are much higher priorities. But we also have a "Linden Department of Public Works" building the new "Bay City," altering (then reverting) the Rausch combat sandbox, and putting into the long-missing void sims within the Korean continent. Why not see some of that stuff fixed?
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