Marianne McCann (mmccann) wrote,
Marianne McCann

Child of the corn

I went someplace last night I thought I'd never, ever see...

Last night I went some place I'd only heard rumors of. In fact, only one big article was ever done on it before, an many people assumed it was either long-gone, or even a hoax to begin with. I can now confirm that the Corn Field really exists!

I was at Blue Linden's office hours, an the subject of the Corn Field came up. After some prodding, Blue said that anyone who wanted to actually see it could IM him. I was one of about 10 or so who did -- and was force teleported!

Here's everyone at Office Hours, being poofed out of existence. Click for bigger on any of these.

Out, standing in the field:

It's quite the expanse. Maybe not quite an AM Radio build, but still pretty impressive

Oh no! Corn!

Sejong Linden also stopped through. here he is doing the "humdance" gesture.

The two big televisions in the field showed an old, borin' educational film.

We all made the best of our time there with gestures. Here's our group doin "Zorba"

After about 2 1/2 hours there, we all said our good byes an headed out. It was quite the little bit off offbeat SL history, t'be sure!
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