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Maaan, what a week!

My First Life me had a vacation, which gave me some time to do stuff I've wanted to do in both lives. It also happened t'be Burning Life week, which gave mt the time to do a few events at Inner Child Camp an elsewhere.

I was actually unsure if I wanted to even do Burning Life after all th' troubles at th' SL5B. I jes knew I'd be openin' up a whole nuther can of worms. Then Dusty Linden put out a "Maturity Policy" that made it pretty clear that kid avvies could participate, an Loki Eliot prodded me a bit about gettin' a plot. I was lucky enough to win one in th' lottery an away I went. Inner Child Camp was born. Me an my brother an sister stayed there all week.

Inner Child Camp

We did a couple events with DJs there, an one concert with blurtophones borrowed from Madcow Cosmos' build. We also did stuff at Loki's build, including kite flying, a pogo stick race (my brother won, yay!) an other stuff. Oh, an we did't jes stick to our camps: we also took part in the nightly lamp lighting and fire dancing, which was awesome, an watched the man an the temple burn. When the man burnt, I even gotta see Philip Linden inworld for the first time – an overall for the second time inna week. I'm gettin' ahead of m'self, though.

The event was kid friendly, even with mature stuff around. This again was thanks to policies which worked, unlike some of the troubles at SL5B. Big kudos to th' Burning Life core an their rangers f'r bein good eggs all around.

beatin' feetAt the end of the week, after the man went down, well, Bert the dragon torched Loki's barn, some of my fireworks accidently destroyed Inner Child Camp, an we all beat a retreat f'r home. It was a super super event, an I totally hope to participate next year.

I was really impressed with the wholr everyone did. So many of the builds were amazing. I especially liked the ones by Madcow Cosmos, AM Radio, an Dizzy Banjo, but there were many more too. There was also a lot I jes did't get a chance to see.

More than the other camps, meeting people, renewing friendships, and jes sharing in the community at Burning Life was amazing. Well worth my time an worth fighting the lag. I have tons an tons of piccies from the event at

There was one other big SL kinda thing I did this week. a friend of mines gave me a tour of their workplace: 945 Battery Steet in San Francisco. Linden Lab! The place is really super neat an it was a lotta fun to meet some of the Lindens in first life. I even gotta shake Philip's hand an stuff! I also left my name on th' white board they have for residents to sign. Here's a piccie my player took of me in front of the building.

Linden Lab

An that was my week. It was tons of fun!
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